Sneem Sunset – 3 photo panorama

The picture above is a panorama made up of 3 hand-held shots taken in Sneem, Co. Kerry.

Stitching them together in the GIMP was fairly easy – adjust colours and brightness, line them up using semi-transparent layers and then use a layer mask and a gradient to make the joins mostly invisible. The tree branches were a bother though – I had to clone out some of them!

I really should document some of this stuff as this was a good example – because of the sunset each photo had very different light qualities and it was important to fine tune and match those colours.

2 thoughts on “Sneem Sunset – 3 photo panorama

  1. I adore it, noticed it instantly, very dramatic. Please do share any tips, I tried stiching pictures together for college, was a disaster…;o(

  2. I only just got your comment on my blog about Donncha’s new photo Caoimhe, but I did hear him talking about the panorama the other day over lunch (in between being shocked by the amount of driving I was doing, and drooling over the 20D). Really good work Donncha, must read the tutorial shortly, but, as I mentioned the other day, there’s lots of good software out there that will do some amazing stitching work automagically!

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