Mac GIMP? Mac Crap?

You’ve probably already seen this review via the mention on slashdot but I couldn’t let it go by without commenting on it. In the usual Slashdot manner I haven’t read the article yet so I’m not going to defend the Mac version of the GIMP.
All I’ll say is that every photo I publish here is processed using the GIMP. It’s not substantially worse than Photoshop for many tasks, just different. Personally, I can’t stand using Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. I don’t like the way they work, they’re not intuitive to me. I like the GIMP right-click to do everything approach. *shrug*
Different strokes for different folks.
Later… This made it to the GIMP User mailing list too. (but the archives are broken.. sorry!)
Here’s an interesting tip I gleaned from that thread:

Well, when you press the TAB key while in Image Window – all other GIMP windows will disappear (except for other image windows if you have multiple images open).
If you press TAB again the Toolbox will appear, after pressing it next time, all previosly hidden windows will come back.