photoSIG – Torc Waterfall

We went down to Killarney this afternoon, and while there visited Torc Waterfall. It’s a beautiful location, the walk up to it is through a tree covered path surrounded by green-mossy rock and vegetation. I snapped a few shots up there so imagine my surprise when I saw that someone had posted a photo of the falls on Photosig a few minutes ago!
It’s unlike any of the ones I took, and it’s nice for me to see a different perspective on a beautiful scene!

photoSIG Photos

2 amazing photos on Photosig this morning:

  1. football fan2 – this is such a powerful image it jumped out at me from the page.
  2. The Weather Project – excellently composed photo. The running child captured within the reflection of the sun makes this a lot more interesting as her action contrasts with the idle non-motion of the adults at the far end of the photo.