Gimp Hits 2.0

I took one day off and Microsoft are fined (a not so huge amount in terms of their cash-pile, and there could be further ramifications for the Free Software movement.) the previous day, and GIMP 2.0 is released! I’d link to but that site’s down and out. Here’s the usual Slashdot discussion on the matter including links to a Windows Gimp binary release. Apparently it’s much improved on previous versions!
Here’s the list of mirrors in case you want to download the source tarball now. Some mirrors haven’t updated yet, but has!

2 thoughts on “Gimp Hits 2.0

  1. Steer clear of gimp2 on windows …
    It crashes on startup with the following error…

    (gimp-2.0.exe:1380): GLib-CRITICAL **: file gconvert.c: line 498 (g_convert): as
    sertion `str != NULL’ failed

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