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Donncha's Monday Links

  • Waterworks – great feel to this image.
  • Modsecurity and WordPress paper – I haven’t used ModSecurity myself but it seems like something good to know about.
  • Let’s Dance – I love the long exposure flowing crowd!
  • WiFi in an SD card? No more wires or plugging your camera’s flash card into a reader! Now, I want a CF version, and one that’s certified outside the US!
  • Another new WordPress MU user blogs.

    And now, having this multi-user version, we can literally host hundreds of blogs using the same WordPress instance. Imagine a company with several brands or locations that wants to have their sites all look and behave similarly but also wants each to manage their own content.

  • A GIMP plugin rss feed has been created by Garrett. I’m subscribed!
  • If you thought morning traffic was bad, be glad you don’t need to take a detour like this. (via) detour
  • Heroes in Cork – Heroes comes to Cork apparently and the Irish accents are awful!