Linux Ubuntu Dapper to Edgy – no problem

I upgraded my Ubuntu 6.06 install to the new Edgy soon after it’s release using the simple command gksu "update-manager -c". Several hours later, and after clicking on a few dialog boxes to update files in /etc/, I’m not running Ubuntu Edgy on my desktop box.

Initially I wondered where Firefox 2.0 was hiding, but on my upgraded system it’s /usb/bin/firefox.ubuntu so it’ll live alongside version 1.5. I also noticed that when saving files in the GIMP the filename would disappear when I clicked on a new folder in the “bookmark” folder of the Gnome file dialog. Once I noticed, ctrl-c to record the filename and ctrl-v to paste it in again worked fine. I rename my files when saving so it’s not much of a hardship.

My machine seems slightly faster but I haven’t delved too deeply into what has been upgraded but Firefox, xchat, terminal, GIMP and Gthumb all work fine! Did your upgrade go as well?

5 thoughts on “Linux Ubuntu Dapper to Edgy – no problem

  1. I upgraded to Edgy over the weekend. Not nearly as painless as yours I’m afraid. I was running Compiz-Quinn AIGLX and really should have known enough to remove it prior to upgrading. Anyway, I ended up having to modify a line in my gdm.conf-custom file. It took quite a bit of fiddling to even find that out. Not as smooth an upgrade as I would have liked (I’m a newbie but a persistent one. Most others would have given up on it much earlier I’m afraid). That said, Edgy is running quite nicely now – markedly more slick than Dapper too.

  2. I’ve got the upgrade running in the background as I write this (it’s still downloading files over our currently-sucking office connection). Other than adding a few non-standard repositories to synaptic (for things like Wine and Amarok), my system is pretty normal, so I don’t expect any major problems.

    Of course, unless our net connection clears up soon, I might still be downloading files next week… Sheesh!

  3. Dougal – it might not be only your net connection. My download was around 36k/s, much slower than the 200k/s it can do at it’s fastest. Their servers could still be bogged down with people upgrading.

    Hopefully it’ll go better than Richard’s upgrade – I had a few extra repositories in there for things like cgwd so I was expecting trouble. Unlike Richard, I had disabled cgwd a few weeks back so I didn’t run into the problems he had. *phew*

  4. I did a fresh install, because I had a lot of trouble dist-upgrading from Breezy to Dapper, and I heard a lot of horror stories about upgrades to Edgy too. Edgy is indeed very slick, I’m happy with it. I’m not a big fan of xgl/compiz myself or any eye-candy in general… I’m paranoid about performance.

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