Donncha's Monday Links

  • Waterworks – great feel to this image.
  • Modsecurity and WordPress paper – I haven’t used ModSecurity myself but it seems like something good to know about.
  • Let’s Dance – I love the long exposure flowing crowd!
  • WiFi in an SD card? No more wires or plugging your camera’s flash card into a reader! Now, I want a CF version, and one that’s certified outside the US!
  • Another new WordPress MU user blogs.

    And now, having this multi-user version, we can literally host hundreds of blogs using the same WordPress instance. Imagine a company with several brands or locations that wants to have their sites all look and behave similarly but also wants each to manage their own content.

  • A GIMP plugin rss feed has been created by Garrett. I’m subscribed!
  • If you thought morning traffic was bad, be glad you don’t need to take a detour like this. (via) detour
  • Heroes in Cork – Heroes comes to Cork apparently and the Irish accents are awful!

4 thoughts on “Donncha's Monday Links

  1. I was going to say that it would be cool if you could have a pocket full of wifi SD cards in your pocket, all connected to your wifi enabled phone in your hand allowing to to have gigs upon gigs of space on your handset but then I figured that they must use the power from the card reader in the camera to work, oh well…

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