Friends vs Friends on Bad Company 2

The other night we played Bad Company 2 on PS3 for a few hours with almost a full team of us on Skype! Unfortunately due to the match making system in the game not everyone could get on the same team despite repeated attempts to do so. A couple of […]


BfBC2 Conquest Fun (as a noob)

Some gameplay from a few games the other night on my second PSN account, xeer2000. Played with David, Conor and Miquel and had a great time. Watch as I level up to level 2 and get about halfway to level 3!


BfBC2: Recon’s Revenge

If there’s one thing I don’t like it’s being shot out of a moving vehicle by a sniper in Bad Company 2. That’s what happened to me when I joined a game on Arica Harbour as an attacker. I hopped in a Humvee and roared up the road only to […]


My PC BfBC2 KDR Goal

After last night’s brilliant performance on PC, which was interrupted by my taking down a helicopter with an unguided RPG I have a new goal in the game. KDR is all important to most players, despite what they’ll tell you about playing the objective and all that sort of thing. […]


Hot Digity I did well in BC2 Vietnam…

Hot Digity! I did well in BC2 Vietnam this evening, and on PC too! In my first game got a quad spray through the walls of a hut, and then tore apart the other team in a tank. I led the leaderboard with a 11/4 KDR. Could not believe it. […]


Rocking BfBC2 on PC

Well, we sorta rocked Bad Company 2 on PC tonight. I’ve only ever played the game in short bursts because of my frustration with the keyboard controls but tonight I invested almost 3 hours in the game, the longest single session on the PC. I hooked up with TyeWebb and […]


Forest fire oops

Real forest fires are deadly. They cause huge amounts of damage and put lives at risk but at least in Minecraft it’s all virtual. Tye, Duck, Sulley – a surprise for you next time you login to the server …


Free Cake!

Last week I decided my VPS has too many spare cycles so I installed Minecraft on it and invited a few friends on to look around. Duck was first there and created a house for himself before his laptop gave up the ghost on Friday evening. Then TyeWebb logged in […]


Had some great games with David and Bedo…

Had some great games with David and Bedo Empire (Was that his username? I forget, sorry!) on Bad Company 2 last night. Like others in the Bad Company 2 community we’re playing using our “secondary accounts” so we’re starting from scratch again. Problems with match making continue and the two […]

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