Friends vs Friends on Bad Company 2

The other night we played Bad Company 2 on PS3 for a few hours with almost a full team of us on Skype! Unfortunately due to the match making system in the game not everyone could get on the same team despite repeated attempts to do so.

A couple of others were off Skype and missed the hilarity of inter-team communication but they also didn’t have to mind that enemy players were within ear shot and could take advantage of spoken comments..

Regardless, it was a great night. Here are some clips I put together from a few of those games. Thanks to everyone who could make it. Xbox Night next or PS3 again?

Make sure to check out the summary post Paul made on the Bravo 2 Company website too. He linked to David and Gavin’s videos too!

BfBC2 Conquest Fun (as a noob)

Some gameplay from a few games the other night on my second PSN account, xeer2000. Played with David, Conor and Miquel and had a great time.

Watch as I level up to level 2 and get about halfway to level 3!

BfBC2: Recon’s Revenge

If there’s one thing I don’t like it’s being shot out of a moving vehicle by a sniper in Bad Company 2.

That’s what happened to me when I joined a game on Arica Harbour as an attacker. I hopped in a Humvee and roared up the road only to die at the hands of a sniper in the tower on the hills. FFS! I only logged in to check the networking was ok (getting the “The router in use may not support IP fragments, and the communication features of some games may be restricted.” error.)

Anyway, I came back as a recon, and armed with the M24 and 12x scope I spawned near the UAV controller. From there I could see a tiny dot moving about in his tower and the occasional flash as he continued to take pot shots at my team. I tried a few shots but an electricity pylon got in the way. I dodged over to the other side of the road for a clearer view and on my second shot got the kill! Me? The noob recon got a long distance kill, marksman headshot or something and 413 points! Woohoo! Yes David, I performed a ritual teabagging too. You’d be proud.

‘Course I didn’t record it. My PVR is upstairs, laptop in the kitchen, PS3 in the living room. Bah.

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions for the “ip fragments” problem I’d love to hear them. I already set the MTU lower without making any difference to the error showing. None of my friends were playing so I didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone so I don’t even know if it is a problem. I don’t even remember if I that error was showing before. Oh well.

My PC BfBC2 KDR Goal

After last night’s brilliant performance on PC, which was interrupted by my taking down a helicopter with an unguided RPG I have a new goal in the game.

KDR is all important to most players, despite what they’ll tell you about playing the objective and all that sort of thing. It has to be because you don’t want to be losing firefights all the time, right? It’s no fun spawning on the recon back in your base that has only 1 kill by the end of the game is it?

Wrong! I’m well on the way there already so my goal is a 0.01 KDR!
Sometimes of course enemy soldiers will walk in front of my bullets and stay there long enough to fall over in a funny way but it doesn’t happen very often. Still plenty of opportunity for me to support my team as a medic, assault or engineer of course. (Recon doesn’t count, I never play that role anyway.)

Who’s joining me? (Certain scenes from the Life of Brian flash though my head right there, you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it!) I’m docaoimh on Steam, donncha on PC BfBC2 and whenever I play PC games the preferred method of chat is Skype but I have mumble installed too if that’s your thing.

Catch you (or probably not because you’ll sneak up on me) on the Battlefield!

Hot Digity I did well in BC2 Vietnam…

Hot Digity! I did well in BC2 Vietnam this evening, and on PC too!

In my first game got a quad spray through the walls of a hut, and then tore apart the other team in a tank. I led the leaderboard with a 11/4 KDR. Could not believe it. I swear, some players should practise flying helicopters more. They practically line themselves up to be shot out of the sky with a tank shell..

Very enjoyable 45 minutes of play and I’m level 6 now!

In case you’re wondering, my consoles have been disconnected because of home renovation. No Xbox or PS3 for me for maybe another week. 🙁

Rocking BfBC2 on PC

Well, we sorta rocked Bad Company 2 on PC tonight. I’ve only ever played the game in short bursts because of my frustration with the keyboard controls but tonight I invested almost 3 hours in the game, the longest single session on the PC. I hooked up with TyeWebb and while I never rarely walked away with a positive KDR we played well. Not so bad when I don’t even have magnum ammo unlocked yet. *sob*

Hell, Tye and myself were the top two players on our team! Take that elitist PC snobs! The console players did well! 😉

Of course, special mention must go to iKiltNOOBS, the level 50 who equipped explosive damage and fired 40mm grenades at random near contested flags. Way to go.

Forest fire oops

Real forest fires are deadly. They cause huge amounts of damage and put lives at risk but at least in Minecraft it’s all virtual. Tye, Duck, Sulley – a surprise for you next time you login to the server …

Free Cake!

Last week I decided my VPS has too many spare cycles so I installed Minecraft on it and invited a few friends on to look around. Duck was first there and created a house for himself before his laptop gave up the ghost on Friday evening. Then TyeWebb logged in and created an impressive home, complete with roaring fire and paintings on the walls! Sulley started on his own house as well.

My son Adam watched as I fooled around on the server yesterday evening and he was delighted when I called Tye on Skype and used the laptop mic and speakers to chat to him. Adam called him the “red man” after the Duke Nukem skin on his character. Minecraft is definitely best played in a social way, especially if you have a three and a half year old looking over your shoulder. When I logged in this morning over breakfast I noticed a new block and sign just outside my house. Tye had baked a cake! Num num.

Here’s my own house, and as you can see I won’t ever have to worry about the cold winters we’re experiencing now. It might be a bit hot in the summer though.

I don’t need to worry about underfloor heating either. As a bonus I’ll save on electricity bills too as no lighting will be required! The sulphuric fumes might be a problem however. Maybe I’ll surround the lava in a glass enclosure? It drains down to a cave below so I might be able to do something with that too!

Had some great games with David and Bedo…

Had some great games with David and Bedo Empire (Was that his username? I forget, sorry!) on Bad Company 2 last night.

Like others in the Bad Company 2 community we’re playing using our “secondary accounts” so we’re starting from scratch again. Problems with match making continue and the two of us were dumped into a game defending on Valparaiso against 2 level 50s and a level 42 player. It was 2 vs 3 and the result was never in doubt but hell, we put up a fight! I wish I was recording because we had lots of fun. Despite their high levels, they were rubbish helicopter pilots, just hovering in place. I got a nice rocket straight up into the vehicle without a tracer dart.

After David did a call out for help Empire joined us and on attack we took the first base quickly, and managed to get one crate on the second before the other team were joined by a clan of high level players. It was something like 3 vs 8 then so we went looking for another game.

Unfortunately stats weren’t recorded for our last game. I went 19/8 and we were the best squad despite having us low level players, without magnum ammo on the squad. I made it to level 1, unlocked a vehicle spec and a shotgun and they were all lost. Luckily the ammo box I unlocked in the previous game stayed but it’s disappointing. I couldn’t care less about losing stats on my main account because I’ve unlocked everything (but some of the recon weapons) but for raw recruits it’s hard. *sob*

I’m sorta liking the AEK now, even without magnum ammo.