PC Fun on Bad Company 2

Defffik was good enough to record some of our games last night. First time for David playing the PC version of Bad Company 2, Gavin is fairly new to that version too and I leveled up to 10 so we’re all a little rusty playing with mouse and keyboard.

It was my first time playing with the my new mouse, the Logitech G500, and it made a huge difference! I bound buttons on the mouse to knifing, use, and grenades as well as using the higher DPI for the tanks which is like pumping gallons of WD-40 into the turret. That thing flies around when the sensitivity is pumped up!

‘Course, when we came up against a team of level 50s David, Gavin and I suffered badly but we still had a great time.

2 thoughts on “PC Fun on Bad Company 2

  1. Interesting, I’ve been looking at the g500 on Tye’s recommendation. So you bind a key that will up the DPI? or you just run a higher dpi all the time? PC gaming is confusing haha

    1. Yup, besides the wheel, there are 5 configurable buttons (and the wheel has left/right too).

      2 buttons by default can be configured to change DPI on the fly. You can set 3-5 steps of DPI, I use 3 and there’s an LED display marking the step. So for running around as infantry I use 1600-2000 DPI and in tanks I use 5700 DPI. Because the sensitivity is set the same all the time, the mouse moves your cursor faster at higher DPI. In tanks it moves the turret a LOT faster.

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