When will my broadband be upgraded?

Here in Ireland one company owns (almost?) all the local phone lines, Eircom. Just about every other company who provides a DSL service has to rent from them (anyone remember Smart?). The result of which is very similar pricing from every single broadband provider. There is a silver lining of […]

Donncha's Links

Busted at work

(via AJ) Stunning photo of the Eiffel Tower. How to photograph a rainbow. Some of the images are a bit over saturated but still nice. B&W adjustment layers and blending ideas. Photoshop specific but they’re applicable to the GIMP too. I’d love to see the GIMP support adjustment layers. Scott’s […]


At the mercy of Eircom

Connectivity has been very flaky for the last few hours as my phoneline has degenerated into crackle hell. Making it worse is the fact that I dared move from the incumbant telco, Eircom, and became a customer of UTV Talk some time back. UTV took my complaint after I waited […]


How to make free international calls

Fellow Corkman, Pat Phelan has launched the Irish version of his All Free Calls service. It’s now possible for Irish people to make international calls at the price of a local or national call. I’ve covered getting cheap calls in Ireland and abroad before but All Free Calls is a […]

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