At the mercy of Eircom

Connectivity has been very flaky for the last few hours as my phoneline has degenerated into crackle hell. Making it worse is the fact that I dared move from the incumbant telco, Eircom, and became a customer of UTV Talk some time back.

UTV took my complaint after I waited for a customer representative for only a few moments. They checked my line and it flagged red so they passed on the complaint to Eircom to fix the line. That nagging feeling that I would be offline for a long time only got worse..

About an hour later someone did ring the house phone, and through the crackles and interference I think I was told an engineer would be out to check the line. Rejoice!

I’m still waiting, hours later. A call to 1901 proved fruitless – the automated voice said my line wasn’t an Eircom one so he couldn’t do anything else and shouting “agent” at the phone put me on hold waiting. I put my mobile on speaker and waited about 10 minutes before hanging up. Aren’t monopolies great?

I hope an engineer calls tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “At the mercy of Eircom

  1. Especially when you’re working from home that’s a massive pain in the back side. Had a few problems like that this past year with Eircom, only thing I could learn to do was be patient.

    Though, in desperation to get a job away I resorted to borrowing a laptop and using the crusty dialup service to email off a few megs of PDFs. Torture!

  2. I had the same crackling hell on the phone line over Christmas. I rang it in on the 27th and they were out to fix it on the 29th, which i thought was ok … but it’s affecting your business, which is an obvious problem whether they think so or not.
    (I decided to stick with Eircom from day one, cos i pretty much guessed the way they would try to defend their market).

    Anyway, whatever happened to the phone network being independent from providers? Wasn’t this was the goal a few years ago, but it obviously never happened.
    Kinda like what was supposed to happen with the ESB Network (Eirgrid, even if it isn’t very obvious.

  3. Somehow the phone line has been fixed already. Hopefully it’s not just a fluke but when I got up this morning the line was clear.

    I still have some connectivity issues – my WRT54G router dies when I plug it in my Zyxel DSL router. First of all I thought it was the network cable so I replaced that, then tried a cross-over cable but still the same result. That makes diagnosing phone line problems so much harder as you can imagine.

    The first comment on this page seems to have it nailed. The power supply isn’t powerful enough. I unplugged the router for a few minutes and I’m back online!

    Sometimes it’s the simple things..

  4. Scratch that. The phoneline just got bad again. Not as bad as yesterday but I got a phonecall on it and it disconnected my DSL connection, despite being shielded.

    Must ring UTV again.

  5. If it’s any consolation, i found at first that the line was useless when the wind blew, and was barely tolerable when it was calm outside. It did degenerate however, into totally unusable.

  6. It’s a week later and an Eircom engineer called out and had it fixed in 10 minutes. If I had a tall ladder I could have fixed it myself because it was only a corroded connection on the outside of the house.

    I fixed a similar problem at my family home years ago but I don’t have the benefit of standing on a garage roof now!

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