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More Linux eye candy: CGWD Themes

If you’ve seen my desktop machine at home you’ll realise I’m a big fan of the Xgl and compiz stuff and now thanks to a Linux Journal article I’ve discovered the CGWD Themer. Installing it in Ubuntu is as easy as adding a new site to your apt-get repository list […]


"The Myth of Open-Source"

JBoss founder Marc Fleury explains in this interview how his open-source startup makes money! Great interview, and lots of good points for those who think the giving away the code always means other developers will work for free on your product!


The EU Software Patents Debate

Niall Walsh is transcribing yesterday’s debate in the EU parliament. Unfortunately his post to the ILUG hasn’t appeared in the archive yet, but Justin Mason’s reply includes Niall’s email. Niall transcribed Brian Crowley’s speech in favour of patents. It’s a good read, and unfortunately ill-advised as he seems to think […]

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What is Trust?

Tom Chi has a great article on What is Trust? The problem is that human intention will always feedthrough in human designed systems, and we have no technology that will ever make all humans trustworthy. Heh. I like the oil rig comment below that post! 🙂


How HCI Killed Open Source

Great article and comic from usability guy, Tom Chi. Brilliant comments too and so many quotables you should just read through them yourself. In an optimistic mood, I like to think there’s some way this could be solved: OSS programmers are often just hacking in their free time because their […]


Open source 'too costly' for Irish e-gov

According to this report the Irish Government has found that using “only open source software could, in the long run, be more expensive.” The announcement came from “Mary Hanafin, Ireland’s Minister for State with responsibility for the Information Society, who was speaking at the Irish Software Association’s 16th annual conference, […]

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