The EU Software Patents Debate

Niall Walsh is transcribing yesterday’s debate in the EU parliament. Unfortunately his post to the ILUG hasn’t appeared in the archive yet, but Justin Mason’s reply includes Niall’s email.
Niall transcribed Brian Crowley’s speech in favour of patents. It’s a good read, and unfortunately ill-advised as he seems to think the patent system provides protection for small business. Who’s to say that large foreign companies don’t come into Europe and patent everything in sight? They already have the IP lawyers! Ciaran O’Riordan met Mr. Crowley later and explained one of the ammendments to him and he said he’d support it so perhaps it’s a case of explaining the issues properly to them.
Kathy Sinnott’s reply is much better and reasoned. She urged, “deputies to support every amendment that retains freedom from
“How much innovation do you think will occur if that lone programmer needs to contract a team of patent lawyers.”

I’m glad I voted for her now.

Update! Looks like this round of s/ware patent reform has been defeated! 🙂

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