Greenify your Android Phone

Greenify is an app for rooted Android phones that will cause any named application to hibernate when it is no longer in the foreground. An app can remain running in the background on Android devices even after you think you’ve exited it. That’s all well and and good when the […]


Android: auto connect to Bluetooth speakers

I have two bluetooth speakers at home. One is a Jawbone Jambox and also a Creative D100. The Jambox speaker looks for a bluetooth device when I switch it on that makes connecting a synch but the D100 does not. That necessitates clicking the Bluetooth Android notification and tapping the […]


Android gaming with an Xbox 360 Controller

This afternoon I took delivery of an OTG USB cable for my mobile devices. I’ve previously blogged about using a PS3 controller with an Android phone but I was curious how well my wired Xbox 360 controller would work. Plugging the OTG cable into my Nexus 7 and then into […]


Android: auto brightness and mute your phone

I have two great (and free) Android apps for you today: Yet Another Auto Brightness is a useful app that will reduce the brightness of your phone display. Here’s the XDA thead about it. Easy Mute will pause or mute music and podcasts on your phone just by placing your […]


Love the new Android 4.2 Keyboard

I’m a big fan of Swype, an Android keyboard that allows you to swype your finger across the screen to type so when I read on Android Police that Android 4.2 would have a similar feature, and you could install it on a pre-4.2 phone I jumped at the chance. […]


Control your Android phone with a PS3 controller

Now, this isn’t going to work on all phones but the Sixaxis Controller Android app allows you to replicate touch, keyboard and mouse controls on your Android phone. I used it briefly with a profile from here to control Minecraft. The profile is for the SGS3 so I need to […]


Update Android apps from your browser

From a recent Lifehacker video I discovered that I can update the apps on my Android phone from the Google Play Store! I can even update my wife’s phone too which led to her asking me why her phone was updating stuff yesterday. Oops!


Google I/O 2012 Skydive

I watched some of the Google I/O presentation yesterday. I love the look of the Nexus 7 and if the Nexus Q was cheaper I’d love to buy that too. Unfortunately I switched off just before the most impressive part. The skydive in a Google Plus Hangout. Well, here it […]

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