Playing Bad Company 2 with strangers can…

Playing Bad Company 2 with strangers can be tough! First 3 or so games I entered my team lost within a few minutes. I finally did join a half decent team and won perhaps 2 games. I even used the attic attack and took Alpha on Port Valdez! Luckily Bravo was taken at the exact same time and only one recon guy came to investigate Alpha right before it blew up. The final crate blew just as I was killed, but I had taken out 3 defenders with help from a motion mine tossed nearby.

On the third base I flanked the whole place, taking out a few defenders on the way. Two of my squad spawned on me and we kept the construction site defended the whole round! While a tank and some of the enemy concentrated on us the rest of our team took the crates. It was beautiful, and we got the best squad pin in the game. Woo!

I used the M16, and it’s a beast but I think I prefer the AN-94. I’m up to 190 kills with that gun already! 🙂

I came across nobody who used their mics. None whatsoever. Argh!

Bit tired tonight so my aim and reflexes weren’t as good as at the weekend, but I still managed to increase my KDR by 0.01 to 0.72. I unlocked the PP-2000.

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