b2++ forum and documentation

I added a discussion forum and documentation site for b2++. Both are quite empty right now, but you can post to the forum if you have any queries or comments about b2++, and if you’d like to contribute to the documentation feel free to email me and I’ll setup an account for you to edit pages in the Wiki.
The documentation is handled by WakkaWiki but I’ve limited editing by requiring a username/password.
The forum is running a stock version of phpBB.

2 thoughts on “b2++ forum and documentation

  1. So are you going to keep this as your own fork? My understanding was there are several forks (including the “official” one at WordPress), have you heard any plan as far as consolidation and merging?

  2. b2++ will continue. Matt, Mike, Michel and the other b2 developers have been slow to get in touch. I have to admit to the same fault! I think it was Matt mailed me quite a while ago asking for help for WordPress. At the time I suggested combining both projects but I didn’t hear anything back from him 🙁
    So, I’m going it alone. I hope the forum I launched yesterday will help with development ideas, bug reporting, and general discussion. The docs(once underway!) should make it easier for other developers to help and build upon the plugin architecture, and for site designers to contribute templates. We’ll see.

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