My Galaxy S4 Home

Galaxy S4 Home

It’s crazy how many pixels the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has. 1920×1080 pixels. That’s more than many computer users have on the desktop.

Of course, in 5 years time everyone’s going to be marvelling at their 4096 pixel wide screens and this will seem oh so quaint.

These are some of my most used Android apps, including Reddit is fun, Gmail, Feedly, Falcon Pro, WordPress, FBReader, Podkicker Pro, Amazon Kindle and Google Plus. Flipboard looks stunning on it and is one of the pre-installed apps that unfortunately takes up around half the 16GB internal space. The camera is superb. The background image is one I took in my back garden and processed in Pixlr Express. You can find some more photos in my Blarney post I made this morning.

It beats me why manufacturers of Android phones couldn’t make it possible to uninstall those apps I don’t need. I have all the gesture stuff turned off, and the Samsung Keyboard but they still remain on the device sucking up space. There’s still 4GB of free space so I have some breathing space still. Phew.
I really need to set up Folder Sync on this phone to copy stuff off on a daily basis.

2 thoughts on “My Galaxy S4 Home

  1. My bugbear on pre-installed apps is I understand that when they get updated through Play, that update consumes some of “my” space rather than overwriting the original ROM. I’ve learnt to not update the built-in apps I don’t use, but I’m reluctant to update some of them that I do because of this. Obviously Google Maps has new features and is now bigger than it was a few years ago, but if I downgrade to the built in version, it’s perfectly usable for what I need and I get to use that space for something else. I use Dolphin Browser (obviously not built in) and I’d prefer to go back a few versions as I don’t feel the last few revisions have added any functionality despite forcing me to remove other apps to be able to get the updates on. (Of course, I’m still using a HTC Desire with its Froyo limitations, so I don’t have much space to play with anyway).

    1. Ouch, that’s an old phone with very limited storage. I can imagine your frustration with squeezing as much storage as possible out of it! Have you tried putting another rom on it?

      In other news Samsung may be doing something about the storage problem in the S4. 🙂

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