Mac OS X Leopard and Nokia N73 Bluetooth Problems

When I got my new Macbook a few weeks back I thought I could use the Bluetooth functions to browse and copy files from my Nokia N73. It worked just fine on my previous Macbook, an old 2 year old machine destroyed by a cup of tea, so I wasn’t expecting any problems.

Unfortunately it seems that Mac OS X Leopard and the latest firmware of the Nokia N73 just do not like each other. No matter what I did, I could not get the Macbook and N73 to pair. The configuration tool stopped every single time on the “getting more information” part of the wizard. I’m not the only one experiencing problems. There’s a long thread on the Apple website. Both Apple and Nokia have been informed and are aware of the problem but I suspect it’s something in Nokia’s latest N73 firmware.

I have a card reader, now to find the SD sleeve that came with my Sony Ericsson phone. Nokia didn’t include one with their phone.

PS. does anyone else find the keyboard of their Macbook isn’t as responsive as it should be? I have to really hit the y and Enter keys to make sure. It is very annoying!

43 thoughts on “Mac OS X Leopard and Nokia N73 Bluetooth Problems

  1. Apple will definitely fix the keyboard, it can’t be a generic problem because users would be in uproar about such an obvious problem. Probably something they can fix in a few minutes at the Applestore if there’s one nearby – you’re in Cork, right? Isn’t that were they assemble Macs for Europe?

    As for the phone, well, you never know, a better phone might appear in, oh, about two weeks.

  2. Yea it really is time this is fixed. Its a timely post on your end as it looks like you just posted this today. It was the first hit on google when I searched ‘nokia bluetooth n73 leopard’.

    In the meantime you can use iSync or the Nokia Multimedia Transfer app with your Mac and N73 using a DKU-2 cable. They are cheap. It appears the N73 is going the way with the dodo in terms of support. Maps 2.0 was just released by Nokia, but no support for the N73.

    “3g Iphone come to my aid”

  3. I forgot I have the USB cable too. I guess that’ll have to do. I can use that on my Linux box too (where bluetooth isn’t working, but that’s another story. Google for “Dell D630 Linux bluetooth” for that)

    Donnacha – glad you’re subscribed! That’s good advice. I’ll get in touch with Apple tomorrow. There’s a service center here. No Apple Store in Ireland, but at least they have warranties covered.

  4. Just discovered the same problem after updated my N73’s firmware to get rid of the dreaded ‘Memory Full. Delete some data’ problem. Cables to the rescue!

  5. Hanni – I actually got an out of memory error yesterday. I was trying to video my son playing when the message appeared. The music player was still running in the background.

    It’s *really* annoying that hitting the key that should be “Exit” leaves the music player running.

  6. that’s a problem of n73 verson,i promise that.coz my n73 is v4 and my friend’s n73 is good at connect to my macbook.btw:the verson of my friend’s n73 is v3.god damn the know how to leech our money but won’t give us support on time

  7. Same problem with my N73 and both my MacBook Pro and iMac with leopard. It hangs in the “Gathering Information” stage.

  8. Dear friends
    I have the same problem with mac to N73 .The problem i can’t possible to activiate the bluetooth. The error shows ” The remote device is not responding”
    Please anyone help me to solve the problem.

  9. Thanks for this. I thought I must be have had some obscure setting wrong (esp since this is my first mac). But no – my $800 phone isn’t supported. Bummer.

  10. I have the same error “The remote device is not responding” whey can’t they solve this problem. hope that some one can help us

  11. I have this problem. I updated my phones software and then it decided to stop working.
    I have the Nokia Multimedia Transfer but that doesn’t work on my Macbook.
    It is on leopard, I have searched everywhere to find a solution but to no avail.

  12. Running Mac OS 10.5.4 now and still no bluetooth joy. It pairs fine but wont connect when trying to browse or transfer files. I downloaded the newest PC tool kit when installing the n73 firmware.

  13. My nokia N73 connects perfectly with my MacBook Pro through bluetooth, but there is no way to get it work in the PowerBook . It’s sometimes frustrating…
    Hope Nokia will get solved soon.

  14. I have the same problem. All my brother’s and my Mum’s fone work via bluetooth – all Nokian, but not my n73! Sux! I connect via USB but come on Nokia!! Help us!!!

  15. Yes, this sucks, really. After the firmware update on the n73, i cannot sync my address book and ical between my mac and that crappy n73 phone. I hereby solemnly declare that this was my last Nokia.

  16. The same for me…

    They find each other… But they don’t want to talk. Leopard and N73 don’t work through bluetooth! Time to fix it, really…

  17. Yes, this really sucks! N73 bluetooth sync worked fine, filetransfer, iSinc etc.
    After firmware update no pairing anymore. Nokia service center told me to “ask mac”.

    I suggest that everybody in this forum makes a big fuss about it at nokia. The more complaints, the better.

    anyway i won’t stick to nokia crap either.

  18. Definitely sucks having no bluetooth. Can’t wait to toss this n73 and get my iPhone 3G – at last mobile and desktop OS parity.

  19. just got new model macbook yesterday and of course my n73 will not sync with it. the only bluetooth available between the two is using n73 as external modem( not going to happen due to speed and cost implications). i’ll have to dig out usb cable for the present and then invest in iphone when my current meteor contract expires…

  20. Same..same problem too!It really does sucks! had paired it and all but nothing happens. Even if I had downloaded the multimedia transfer application from Nokia.. My MacBook Leopard and N73 cant find the connection through bluetooth. It would be lovely to use the gadgets wirelessly again..(I think i miss my macbook Tiger) Hope there’ll be a miracle soon!

  21. No more problems for me. I’ve bought an iPhone 3G. Must say this is a great phone, mail and internet browser!

    All problems are gone now. Works as it should be with my iMac and MacBook.

    I suggest (if you have the money), don’t stick with the Nokia N73 but buy an iPhone.


  22. Good for you! Congrats! will definitely have it first on the line on my consideration list.. Thanks..

  23. Hi! i have the same problem with my Nokia N73 too. I believe it is not Mac OS X Leopard’s problem but N73’s. My friend’s iPhone works perfectly fine with his new Macbook; so I guess I have to switch to iPhone soon.

  24. Just got a message from Nokia: they fixed it. You can download a new version of the firmware. I just installed version 4.0839.42.2.1 and it works like it should.
    Remember to first remove the phone from iSync and then add it again.

  25. No, you are not lost. Have you downloaded and installed the latest firmware? Try it out and see it working!

  26. I made the firmware upgrade and still can`t connect to my Macbook. :S

    I guess is some sort of market game to make nokia n73 users buy iPhones…

  27. Just gave firmware 4.0839.42.2.1 a try and can confirm Jan’s finding that after that it connects fine with OSX (10.5.6 on MBP).

  28. Hey… There is something odd… I have tried to update my N73’s firmware and the Nokia’s software reports that there isn’t any new release. Currently I have the firmware version 4.0738.3.1.1 (RM-132)…

    Hope someone can help… regards.

  29. I have downloaded and installed the last firmware through Nokia Updater but it says that the newest version is 4.0812.4.1. and not the one you told before…How can I get that version????

  30. The way I did it was by installing the Nokia PC Suite in VMware Fusion, and then ran the “Update Phone Software” program.

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