Raiden, it’s not quite the same on Android..

I pumped insane numbers of 10p coins into the Raiden arcade machine twenty years ago. Over the years I’ve played the dire PC conversion in the late 90’s (argh, it used midi music) and played the arcade version a few times in MAME but the Android version holds up well against the arcade original. It’s a bunch of fun too and it’s part of the Humble Bundle now!

Oh yeah, it’s not quite the same on an Android device. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper and possibly easier. There’s no way I could move the ship around as quickly as I could by dragging a finger across the screen. Great stuff!

Humbly going Android

The last Humble Bundle added support for Android games and the latest bundle does the same with even more games!

I already had a number of the games on pc and to be honest this bundle isn’t the strongest line up of games ever but I bought it for Swords and Soldiers as it’s a fun game. The others were a nice bonus for me.

Also released recently is their own app for managing downloads. It works well enough but downloads using your phone’s browser and uses the system installer in the same way that the Amazon Appstore does. Unfortunately apk files are left in your download directory after install so clear that out if you need the space.

While on that topic, go into Settings->Applications->Manage Applications and move some of those games to the SD card. Swords and Soldiers and Cogs were both around 150MB each!

Happy gaming!

Darwinia’s Spectrum Roots

I bought Darwinia as part of a recent Humble Bundle. In fact it was really the only reason I bought it as I enjoyed Multiwinia and heard that the original game was great too, and it is!

Anyway, here’s an intro that greets you when you start the game. It’s only one of a number of different ones but it’s my favourite. Took me right back to my Speccy owning days in the late 80’s!

Oh, go get the Introversion bundle, well worth the asking price (whatever you decide to pay!)

Humble Bundle #3

The latest Humble Bundle is out featuring Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVV, And Yet it Moves and Hammerfight.

I already have most of the games, I don’t have Cogs and Hammerfight, but I’ll buy the bundle anyway. It’s a good deal as it’s “pay what you want”!