Android: auto connect to Bluetooth speakers

I have two bluetooth speakers at home. One is a Jawbone Jambox and also a Creative D100. The Jambox speaker looks for a bluetooth device when I switch it on that makes connecting a synch but the D100 does not. That necessitates clicking the Bluetooth Android notification and tapping the D100 device to connect. A small inconvenience I grant you but one nonetheless.

This is where Bluetooth Auto Connect comes in. As the name suggests, this app automatically connects to other bluetooth devices. After installing it I selected the Creative D100 so that device will auto connect. When both speakers are switched on it connects to the Jambox which is fine by me. The D100 now connects whenever I switch bluetooth on!

Finally, I wanted to enable bluetooth if I fired up Podkicker to listen to some podcasts but only if I was at home. Llama Profiles to the rescue! I created a new event that checks if Podkicker is running, if wifi is connected to my home network and the phone is charging. If all conditions are true then it enables bluetooth. Bluetooth then connects to whichever speaker is active and I get nice pleasant wireless sound.

It might be a pain if I’m downstairs and my speakers were on in my office upstairs but that’ll teach me not to waste electricity while I’m afk won’t it? If I ever get an NFC tag I could do something with that and my Nexus 7 to do something similar but more localised!

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