Posting from Win32 Mozilla. Lo …

Posting from Win32 Mozilla. Love it! Mozilla, not Win32 that is.

I’m going to Crete tomorrow with Martina, John and Rosanna. Almost done packing, got my digital camera so pics may appear on my Geocities account and I’ll link here! We’ll be gone for a week so don’t expect updates until next Sunday! We’re off to Hersonissos. I’m browsing Explore for ideas and it looks good. Must take a look at virtual too (linked from the right bar).

See you in a week!

One thought on “Posting from Win32 Mozilla. Lo …

  1. What is this? What is a blog? Who are all these people and what is crete? Google seems th be the big referrer, but what is that mean? Will my comment get caught in spam? I’m not even sure what spam is. How do you filter spam? If your answer is filtered, please do not speak. What should I say where it says say it!? I only posted one comment, so why are you calling me cowboy for sending two comments? You are insulting and rude. Perhaps you should eat spam. I hope you choke on it.

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