Success at BfBC2 on PC?

Well, this was a turn up for the books! I hopped on to a BfBC2 server that had the text “noob” in it’s title to find a game on Heavy Metal and then Harvest and I did well! I even shot a Black Hawk out of the sky with a tank shell!

I’m sure it’s a fluke, but I’ll still celebrate success!

13 thoughts on “Success at BfBC2 on PC?

    1. It’s partly my fault for playing the Vietnam maps first. I had to deal with new maps plus thinking about controls. I also used a really rubbish mouse and my laptop keyboard. When I swapped them out for the mouse I use for my desktop machine, and the (cheap) keyboard I use on my PS3 it became easier.

      I also had to find a sweet spot of a trade off WRT screen resolution and quality. I think I went with high quality and 1360×1024 or something like that. The game was playable at 1920×1200 but it wasn’t smooth.

      Add to that the lack of skill matching and it’s pot luck whether you get a good game or not. (Not that skill matching on consoles guarantees evenly matched games, it doesn’t!)

      1. I’m not sure what a toggle is on a mouse or keyboard, but you’re saying is that the RMB brings up the sights and you use the toggle to put the sights on your enemy?

      2. Sort of. Press RMB once and it aims down sights. You don’t have to keep it pressed down. Press RMB again and it stops and you’re hip firing again.

  1. Downloading it now because the deal on steam, may god have mercy on my soul, my mouse/keyboard skills are going to get me owned. Maybe I’ll just plug the xbox controller into the PC and use that, or is that just too much of a noob move.

  2. Got things up and running, sent you an invite on steam, tyewebb of course, that’s also my soldiers name. This noob squad sounds like a good idea, its always better to share your misery with others. Now to play a couple games, server browser search term, ‘noob’ engaged. I think I’m also going to make a cheat sheet that has button controls written down for quick reference. I can see it now, I finally make it up to an MCOM, hmm I wonder how I arm this thing.

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