Better uninstall for Supercache and other things

I need your help. Go grab the development version of WP Super Cache off the download page and give it a whirl. I’m working on making the uninstall process less painful than it is in the current release.

I added an action on the deactivate hook for the plugin so when you deactivate it on the Plugins page it deletes the files the plugin created and removes the WP_CACHE definition from wp-config.php. It doesn’t yet remove the mod_rewrite rules from the .htaccess file though. Sometimes people put the WordPress rules in the same block of that file so removing the rules would stop the site serving requests! I will of course gladly accept code patches to do that job.

No more messing with uninstall.php now, just deactivate on your plugins page.

Besides that, the CDN page has an on/off switch and can use multiple hostnames now. The cache can be cleared when caching is disabled and dynamic pages can be served by using PHP mode rather than the slower “legacy mode”.

There are also numerous bug fixes so if you have a development site and a few minutes to spare why not give this a go? Please?

13 thoughts on “Better uninstall for Supercache and other things

  1. Any chance that php mode change (now serves dynamic pages) makes WPtouch compatible with php mode, instead of legacy mode only?

    1. Andrew – good idea. I may try that. I think initially I’ll compare the rules in that block to the ones in the plugin. If they match I’ll remove them.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for your work on this plug-in. I tried deleting it and got this message:

    “This file must be copied into the same directory where WordPress is installed. The file wp-load.php is in this directory.” This is a little cryptic, as I don’t see a file associated with that message.

    Before that message, I looked at the files that would be deleted. It looked like there were 31 files (I can send a screenshot, if you want).

    Hope this is helpful.

    1. Ken – that’s the current version, not the development version I’m talking about in this post. Can you use the forum for this please? Basically you have to copy uninstall.php (the “this file” referred to in the instructions) to where WordPress is installed.

  3. I installed Supercache last night and broke my server in half :-/

    I deleted the plugin via ftp, but support staff had to help me track down that something had changed the DB username to remove a # at the end of it scott_lastnameapp1 > scott_lastnameapp

    … any clue as to why SC did that?

    1. No, I don’t know why that happened. The plugin won’t touch the db username. Did you edit wp-config.php yourself when you installed it? I’ve never seen this happen before.

  4. Oops, Reading the WordPress News, I thought I read: “It is better to uninstall Supercache”.
    My fault.
    Thanks for your work on this great caching plugin.

  5. Hi Donncha,

    Have you considered the possibility of rewriting the domain/sub-domain for the php pages themselves?

    For example, one could “CDN” not only the themes, and photos, but also the pages:

    The CDN mirror would fetch from origin.mysite,com and serve from

    I haven’t heard of a plug-in that does this yet.


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