Hello Playstation Move!

Well, I bought a Playstation Move controller and a navigation controller, plus MAG, as that’s the only shooter supporting Move out there right now.

I’ve only played 2 of the supplied demos, Shooter (accurate but yawn inducing on-rails shooter) and Echochrome ii, an interesting game where you line up shadows to allow a character to run across the screen and escape.

MAG is now loading. It downloaded a 35MB PS3 update fairly quickly but the second 520.84MB update is crawling along.

Yeah, it’s just like the Wii, but with fancy graphics.

By Donncha

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Note to self. Do not try to play Halo Reach while MAG is downloading a big ass update. Sorry Tye, Breeduh. Catch you later!

The good news is that the 300MB it downloaded wasn’t in vain. It resumed.

Steph – I shall see about capturing a video of me waving a pink Move controller around in the air, just for you! πŸ™‚

Got the playstation move and a second controller for visitors, I’m currently using it to bash and shield myself in that gladiator game. Also got resident evil 5, now that I see you got MAG I’ll get that also, although I am wondering how good I’ll be against living opponents using the move. Looking forward to Killzone 3 and dead space extraction!!! (they really should have had a better lineup).

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