Great! I played Valparaiso on Hard this morning and, it was hard. Unfortunately whoever was hosting the game (yes, I think that reddit user was actually right about that) left when things got really hard in the last base.

Tanks are fairly tough on Hard. The one in the last base is simple to beat on easy but I was playing in a squad that loved to go medic so I swapped to engineer and ducked behind some cement blocks. The level is now dark and the amount of shelling coming from the tank was awesome! I quickly jumped up, fired, ducked down again and the Heavy MG behind me took me out.

There’s a new boat on that level too. It’ll lock on you when it sees you, firing a huge amount of ammo at you. I was trying to kill it with rockets but I watched as its guns tracked me. As I ran back and forth I could see the shells being fired along my path! I had to retreat a few times and got killed once or twice by it.
With that vehicle I think it needs to lock on to one player while the rest of the team take it out.