Onslaught is great for practising. Fire …

Onslaught is great for practising. Fire up a private game and you can fly a Hind, or shoot enemies with your M24 and learn how distance affects bullet drop. It doesn’t matter if you die because you’ll respawn if there’s only one player.

I played a game on Isla, and figured out that the bullet drop on the M24 wasn’t as great as I imagined before. The Hind that appeared shortly afterwards was very annoying but I made short work of it after I respawned as an engineer. Good opportunity to try the M1 Garand too.

Mike brushed up on his heli skills last night while he waited for us to finish a game. Good thing too as in our first game on Atacama Desert I piloted the Hind out of our base and promptly crashed, with the Hind landing upside down! We both got out unscathed.

I don’t think I or anyone will obsess about Onslaught like we do about Rush because it’s like playing a single player game, but with your friends. There is the leaderboard, and I noticed that I had the best time for at least one maplast night among my friends. It’s competitive that way, but more than anything it’s a great diversion and just what I need for a quick 5 minute blast.

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  1. You should have stayed on Rush last night, some hardcore players joined our side which left me with time to get a few bronze medals and level up the medic. We won the match we were on and the one after that.

    1. I was exhausted and couldn’t aim to hit a barn door at 10 feet. It was a long day, first with a Teddy Bear’s Picnic with Adam in the morning, then later playing in a park with him and trying to convince Oscar the dog not to get knocked over. I should have actually gone to bed instead of booting up the PS3.

      I did play a game of Onslaught on Atacama Desert after. Unfortunately with what sounded like the same annoying teenager as the previous night who persisted in going on and on warning people to stay away from his helicopter. I did get a new best time (just over 9 mins I think) but our team did not play together at all. I was in a tank and I don’t remember the other engineer repairing. Certainly nobody hopped in to man the machine gun. Good thing easy is easy.

  2. Bah. Bloody bugs. Played a game of Onslaught on Isla and it was great right until the end. I did notice a few times enemy needed a few more hits to go down but by the last base I was pumping round after round into the enemy and they weren’t going down. Blood was pouring from the enemy but they were superhuman. This isn’t lag, the hit registered, it’s a bug.

    1. A comment on this reddit review suggests it could be because Onslaught games are hosted on player’s machines. That might be the case as it’s possible to start a private match but DICE used “server resources” as an excuse for not bringing Onslaught to PC.

  3. I got on Onslaught and for a full hour practised flying the hind. I’m still really bad at flying that thing but I’m not going to give up on it. I’ve yet to try a public match so hopefully I’ll catch up with you soon on it.

    1. Great! I played Valparaiso on Hard this morning and, it was hard. Unfortunately whoever was hosting the game (yes, I think that reddit user was actually right about that) left when things got really hard in the last base.

      Tanks are fairly tough on Hard. The one in the last base is simple to beat on easy but I was playing in a squad that loved to go medic so I swapped to engineer and ducked behind some cement blocks. The level is now dark and the amount of shelling coming from the tank was awesome! I quickly jumped up, fired, ducked down again and the Heavy MG behind me took me out.

      There’s a new boat on that level too. It’ll lock on you when it sees you, firing a huge amount of ammo at you. I was trying to kill it with rockets but I watched as its guns tracked me. As I ran back and forth I could see the shells being fired along my path! I had to retreat a few times and got killed once or twice by it.
      With that vehicle I think it needs to lock on to one player while the rest of the team take it out.

      1. I dont think my connection could handle a hosted game if that’s how it works. We’ll see though.

        I noticed the tanks are tough or at least they seem like to do bombardments. The AI’s seem a little stupid though, I was a circle around one guy and he was still firing at my original location so I ended up stabbing him.

        I’m going to have to try the other maps after work. I was on the hind again at lunch time and can now say that I fly that beast, not brilliantly but at least I don’t crash as easy. Now its time to work out how I can circle and keep firing on the same spot, thats a tough manoeuvre.

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