Well, this is not strictly my first, but I hope it’s near enough. I had a Pegasus (something like this: http://www.miastogier.pl/mod/forum/img/avatars/xr7554_Pegasus_console_plus_pad_plus_game.jpg but probably one of the earlier models because it was just a rectangle with no rounded corners), which I cannot remember how I got, because I was about 7-8 (I’m 13 now, but so much has happened!).

One day me and two of my friends who were slightly older than me were playing Mario (I had a cartridge with 99 Mario games on it, and the fun of the 99th game- unlimited mode with loads of weird stuff everywhere, oh, no game could beat that) and my cat came along. So one of my friends picked him up and sat him on a chair, and he was sat like a human, watching Mario jumping around the screen! 😀