Bad Company 2 has not been patched yet, …

Bad Company 2 has not been patched yet, but I think the prospect of playing the patched game has attracted all the good players back. We had a tough time of it, but we fought well for the most part. The night is a blur and my eyes are crossed from the effort.

Thanks Mike, Dave and belatedly David, you joined us just as we lost defending on Isla. It’s amazing how fast that game ended since we had got them down to about 13 tickets on the first base. We played really well on the first base. Perhaps people quit and another squad joined the other team? Then again, as I raced for Alpha I took out one guy behind the fence, and noticed in amazement as our own team stared blankly ahead at the hill, totally ignoring the bomb on the crate! I got mowed down at the crate unfortunately and we lost the game.

I loved how we took Isla in the round before. Defenders had us pinned down on the hill. We were at 32 tickets, and Dave pushed forward and took Bravo. We supported him, I died but took an enemy or two with me, and then Mike lead the charge on Alpha, with smoke swirling around us. I think Dave set the charge and the rest of us kept the enemy off it. I stopped at least two defenders and possibly got a headshot over the cement barrier!

We were very lucky on Arica Harbour too. Mike, Dave and I were defending the last crate, Bravo (the upstairs one anyway) and doing a damn fine job of it when we were overrun. The enemy were down to 3 tickets. We all spawned, the siren for the bomb was already blaring, it looked hopeless but then we won! Close thing! The other team must have been fuming! 🙂

I followed Geoff’s advice in one confrontation. I spotted a guy, got a few rounds into him but he disappeared behind a wall and lobbed a grenade in after him. Kill!

Oh, Mike got called a noob for using the heavy MG in the town. I think he pissed off someone! We did tear up the other team though. I was on the stationary AT and took out a fair number of enemy, and spotted more to see them falling, over and over again as the MG took them out.

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  1. I done alright for a NOOB with a 6500 score, Ace Pin, Gold Squad Pin and 45+ pins and a total of 10500+ score. Thanks xlmegadeathlx for the lovely message hope to smash your team again 🙂

    1. That was funny when you got that message! We ripped them apart from on top of that building! I spotted a guy hiding behind a rock, fired the AT rocket at him and he must have seen the rocket heading towards him from across the map!

    2. 6500 and an Ace pin? That’s such a noob score. Real pros block Heavy MG bullets with their faces. That’s where you’re going wrong. You attract all the abuse Mike, it doesn’t matter what you use, someone always seems to take exception to your loadout.

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