Bad Company 2 has been patched on consol…

Bad Company 2 has been patched on consoles. I had a quick 10 minute game and shot down 2 Apache helicopters on Isla after placing a tracer on them and seriously damaged a Blackhawk.

Wow, this is game changing. The blackhawk pilot did have vehicle smoke (I know because he killed me as soon as I entered the game) but after I planted the tracer he didn’t try to remove it by firing the smoke.

The tracer isn’t quite fast enough that you can point at a moving vehicle and hit fire, you’ll have to lead it a bit but it’s much easier than before.

Edit – Mick has listed the changes by soldier class making it very easy to see what has changed in each.

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    1. Well, I wanted to give the tracer a go so I played as an engineer and with my crummy smg managed to take out a few defenders at medium range. That’s probably a good thing as I never liked the SMGs.

      I spawned in the village and spotted an enemy medic running up the side, shot him but he got away and tried a CG into where he might be as he had just fired back at me but no luck. I decided to flank him and ran straight into him in a doorway and won the firefight. SMG vs LMG and I won. I don’t know if he was using an M60 or not but I was impressed that I came out of it alive!

  1. I’m looking forward to trying the tracer changes, putting a tracer on a chopper was a right bastard before! I got on rather better with the engineer’s SMG (the XM8 compact I think I was using) last night, too.

  2. Yes the update is here and looking forward to trying it out tonight if I can get on. Hope the XM8 LMG hasn’t changed to much

    1. Just downloaded the new Spectra Kit and the MG3 Spectra has the same stats as the XM8 LMG. I thinks the MG3 might be the new M60. Will have to try it out tonight if I get a chance

    2. I can’t remember if I’ve unlocked the MG3, I think I have.

      I booted up the Xbox 360 to see if BC2 had been patched there and it looks like it hasn’t yet. I didn’t see anything download. Had a very short and touch game with Field Operative. Unfortunately I did more damage to our team than the other with my KDR …

      1. I’ve put a list up of all the changes in my my blog. Its my first post so go check it out please. I have put all the changes in kit order 🙂

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