I’m converting the MP4 file over to avi to see if I can get rid of the pixelation. The problem with using high quality MP4 files is their final size, I’d be looking at a couple of GB in size.

The difficult thing for me was getting out of the base. At one point I spawned off Eddie who was heading down towards their base but as it happened I got hit with a sniper on a roof so it was spawning back at base again. Plus, I have this thing about defending our base against spawn campers even though its not the primary objective. I need to learn to move up and ignore them, maybe now playing in a 4 man squad I’ll start doing that.

We did really well on Isla especially when on the attach. At one point the four of us were using the tank and doing some brilliant squad work. Tanks are my speciality but you need a strong team to keep it together.

The only unlock I got was the SPECACT Recon Elite achievement, you need to get all medals with for the Recon Elite which involves 100 kills with the elite rifle. I now have to try and get the other class elite achievements.

Cerebus08 has a mic but isnt much of a talker and I dont have one but considering investing in a good one, I dont like the MS brand mics as its difficult to hear anything. I’ll speak with Cerebus08 about it.