First major session of Bad Company 2 on …

First major session of Bad Company 2 on the Xbox in quite a while and it was a mixed bag. I was joined by Eddie, Gavin and another player I didn’t know, Cerebrus (I think?)

The team we were playing against were very good although they relied on snipers quite a lot in some games. When attacking they softened us up with mortar strikes and when available helicopters. I think we won one game and possibly lost 2? The games last so long it’s hard to tell.

On Nelson Bay we were attacking and I used the mortar strike to good effect, thankfully not launching a strike on any nearby trees. I took down the first Alpha building and the last Bravo building went down with a little help from my explosives. Only got one kill from the strikes, but destruction 2.0 netted me another 2 kills I think.

On Isla we thought we were doing well. They were held off for about 45 tickets. They barely made it on to the island. Then they changed tack, they were well organised launching flanking attacks around the back and sides and quickly taking both bases. Same story with the second base. We held them off for ages and they managed to flank us. When they set a bomb in Bravo a whole squad spawned on the soldier who was there. I don’t think they knew about the simple way to get the second Alpha. When we were attacking I got that with a few burst of fire! 🙂
While defending on Isla I got into the heli in the last base but we didn’t kill one single player and unfortunately our base was overrun in a matter of a minute or two. It was awful.

Tough games, but good to play with the guys on Xbox again!

Now that my stats have updated, I leveled to 12, my KDR went down 0.02, but Win/Loss ratio went up by 0.02 since the game earlier! That was a nice surprise! I’m reminded I got a Bronze star for the Saw, we also got best squad at least once and I unlocked the Carl Gustav, MP-412, high power tank optics and the Assault shotgun attachment. Oh yes, 2 kills for Destruction 2.0! Woo!

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  1. Yip, Cerebus08 was with me. Those games last night were great. Unfortunately I recorded each one with the new HD PVR but had changed the bit rate so it all came out pix-elated 🙁

    The spawn campers in Arica Harbor were starting to frustrate me. I think there was 4 or 5 of them as snipers held up in the back hills. Then there was the guy who kept stealing the tanks and sitting waiting for us to spawn, that presented a major challenge.

    In Isla Inocentes there was a lot of snipers (as always) which was why I switched to recon. Someone kept blasting smoke at our base so I was finding it difficult to see the snipers in the distance. Then the fun really started when they started flanking us from the back, that Dr pepper guy kept appearing and although I got him a few times I think he gunned me down more.

    Thanks to you and Cerebus08 you both kept reviving me ever time I got hit and I do suspect you both clocked up a lot of points for that. Actually Cerebus08 clocked up 6K points with you on second, then before we got to hit the last base our net connection bummed out and we were kicked from the game, we lots all those stats 🙁

    Those games seem to last forever as we had put up some resistance, it was very difficult to see how many games we won or lost. Brilliant games all the same and must try it again soon, hopefully I’ll have videos made for them.

    1. Argh, that sucks about the pixelation! Next time eh? The spawn campers on Arica were very annoying but both teams weren’t at full strength. If I had thought of it, we should have tried for a coordinated assault on the bases rather than waiting in the base. I recall running past team mates who were camping in the hills around the town, not doing anything!
      I should have mined the road around the tank spawn too. That may have helped discourage them from stealing.

      I felt we were doing really well on Isla, Eddie said as much. They hadn’t barely hit the island and were down to about 36 tickets. I wonder if some of the team changed after that? Original members may have rage quit.

      I was surprised at how fast the last base went, but if you and Cerebus08 were gone then no wonder. We had been 2 men down before that. I was in the chopper with someone else from another squad leaving very few on the ground. Cerebus08 and Eddie were in the chopper too but both disappeared. Eddie must have jumped and I presumed Cerebus08 had too.

      That’s a lot of score to lose but did you get any unlocks? IME I kept unlocks after disconnecting. I wondered where you had gone.

      Luckily I have a stats page (Scroll down to the Xbox 360 section). It looks like we played for about 100 minutes, and played 5 rounds, winning 3 and losing 2. I could have sworn it was the other way around and we ended up losing more.

      Do you and Cerebus08 ever play with mics? You’ve got a lot more experience with the game and I’m positive it’d make the game better for all of us if we were all communicating.

      1. I’m converting the MP4 file over to avi to see if I can get rid of the pixelation. The problem with using high quality MP4 files is their final size, I’d be looking at a couple of GB in size.

        The difficult thing for me was getting out of the base. At one point I spawned off Eddie who was heading down towards their base but as it happened I got hit with a sniper on a roof so it was spawning back at base again. Plus, I have this thing about defending our base against spawn campers even though its not the primary objective. I need to learn to move up and ignore them, maybe now playing in a 4 man squad I’ll start doing that.

        We did really well on Isla especially when on the attach. At one point the four of us were using the tank and doing some brilliant squad work. Tanks are my speciality but you need a strong team to keep it together.

        The only unlock I got was the SPECACT Recon Elite achievement, you need to get all medals with for the Recon Elite which involves 100 kills with the elite rifle. I now have to try and get the other class elite achievements.

        Cerebus08 has a mic but isnt much of a talker and I dont have one but considering investing in a good one, I dont like the MS brand mics as its difficult to hear anything. I’ll speak with Cerebus08 about it.

    2. Oh yeah, that smoke on Isla was me. I was trying to smoke out the snipers on the hill too. Sorry I screwed up your counter sniping!

      A sniper on the road with a GOL was taking pot shots at Bravo after Alpha went, especially when the crate was being disarmed. I had hoped the smoke would act as a deterrent. Despite the smoke he managed to kill me as I disarmed and AFAIR the base blew. Grrr.

      1. No not at all. Actually you posted a link about using smoke and I remember thinking that would be the perfect spot to use it due to all the snipers at the far end of the map. I was actually laughing at the game last night because there was so much smoke and I couldn’t see a thing, it added to the madness which is always good in a game.

        On a side note, I watched one of the videos from last night I heard you calling out to me. Dont think I was ignoring you, I just couldn’t hear you via the TV…doh!

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