Argh, that sucks about the pixelation! Next time eh? The spawn campers on Arica were very annoying but both teams weren’t at full strength. If I had thought of it, we should have tried for a coordinated assault on the bases rather than waiting in the base. I recall running past team mates who were camping in the hills around the town, not doing anything!
I should have mined the road around the tank spawn too. That may have helped discourage them from stealing.

I felt we were doing really well on Isla, Eddie said as much. They hadn’t barely hit the island and were down to about 36 tickets. I wonder if some of the team changed after that? Original members may have rage quit.

I was surprised at how fast the last base went, but if you and Cerebus08 were gone then no wonder. We had been 2 men down before that. I was in the chopper with someone else from another squad leaving very few on the ground. Cerebus08 and Eddie were in the chopper too but both disappeared. Eddie must have jumped and I presumed Cerebus08 had too.

That’s a lot of score to lose but did you get any unlocks? IME I kept unlocks after disconnecting. I wondered where you had gone.

Luckily I have a stats page (Scroll down to the Xbox 360 section). It looks like we played for about 100 minutes, and played 5 rounds, winning 3 and losing 2. I could have sworn it was the other way around and we ended up losing more.

Do you and Cerebus08 ever play with mics? You’ve got a lot more experience with the game and I’m positive it’d make the game better for all of us if we were all communicating.