Yip, Cerebus08 was with me. Those games last night were great. Unfortunately I recorded each one with the new HD PVR but had changed the bit rate so it all came out pix-elated 🙁

The spawn campers in Arica Harbor were starting to frustrate me. I think there was 4 or 5 of them as snipers held up in the back hills. Then there was the guy who kept stealing the tanks and sitting waiting for us to spawn, that presented a major challenge.

In Isla Inocentes there was a lot of snipers (as always) which was why I switched to recon. Someone kept blasting smoke at our base so I was finding it difficult to see the snipers in the distance. Then the fun really started when they started flanking us from the back, that Dr pepper guy kept appearing and although I got him a few times I think he gunned me down more.

Thanks to you and Cerebus08 you both kept reviving me ever time I got hit and I do suspect you both clocked up a lot of points for that. Actually Cerebus08 clocked up 6K points with you on second, then before we got to hit the last base our net connection bummed out and we were kicked from the game, we lots all those stats 🙁

Those games seem to last forever as we had put up some resistance, it was very difficult to see how many games we won or lost. Brilliant games all the same and must try it again soon, hopefully I’ll have videos made for them.