Hopefully enough people will disregard this pseudoscientific hyperbollae base on poor studies, innuendo and conspiracy theories. If enough people get the vaccine then the population as a whole will be protected and people who choose not to be vaccinated (as is their right) will be protected by right thinking people. Hopefully people with underlying conditions (such as asthma) will choose to get vaccinated. I can tell from first hand that if swine flu puts you in ICU your chances of a full recovery are slim. This is happening today and now in our major hospitals.

Vitamin D is an excellent idea in the Irish population, however as I have said before selective immune stimulants should be used with caution – people with autoimmune disease and allergy (both of course mediated by the immune system) can be made worse by products such as echinacea. While we can point at potential flaws in drug company studies we cant say much about studies on immune stimulants because those that promote them have not one iota of interest in scientific evidence or endevour or in the long term side effects of these products. It is up to those of us caring for patients in this field to document these phenomena and notify the irish medicines board – which we do regularly. Of course no one is following these patients up in the long term!!!!

As Ive said before all vaccines, like all medications have side effects. If there is a concern about vaccine allergy then see an allergist/immunologist who will test and advise you in an evidence based manner.

A brief personal story – during a vaccine scare over the whooping cough vaccine in the late 1970s my mother decided not to have me vaccinated. I ended up in ICU with whooping cough and was lucky to survive without permanent lung damage. Therein lies the risk of avoiding vaccination.

Thanks for the debate guys but Im off to get my swine flu vaccine and I get the feeling that you wont agree with me and I sure as hell dont agree with you. So bye, bye and good luck.

Of course i could be a member of the elite (i wish)! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!