There have been NO deaths associated with the HPV (for cervical cancer) vaccine.

The vaccine is approved by the FDA and CDC as safe.

As with all medications there are side effects – the most common being pain and redness at the injection site.

Check out the review article in 2007 November issue of the Journal of Women’s Health or the CDC website for accurate (if a little US biased) information.

We should inspect the 253,000 death certificates of the women that have died from what is now a preventable disease. While only 80 – 90 women per year die in Ireland if you are from a family affected by this condition (as I am) the diagnosis is devastating. Many of these women die in the developing world with no chemotherapy, no radiotherapy and no palliative care.

Im not a representative of the elite. I don’t believe in forcing people to have vaccination. I believe in the truth, I believe in what is right and I believe that our government should be ashamed of itself for once again failing the people of Ireland and particularly the young women of Ireland.