I am a thirteen year old girl, who wants to get the cancer jab. Donnacha, I was researching how much the cancer jab would cost, because i’m writing a letter to Mary Harney, asking her why girls like me are not getting the jab for free. For all the people that think it’s bad, Why would every other country in europe give it away for free if they wanted to brainwash us?! and if what you are saying is true, why would the government want the future workers and leaders of their country to be brainwashed, long after they are gone?!

and autism happens every where in the world, so don’t blame it on the vaccine.
people who are saying that 28 people died from the injection are lying. Hundreds of girl die EVERY day because of every injection. AND there is a catch up service in other countries for 16 year old girls, so that they can have the injection.

I ,and i think i speak for almost every teenage girl in the country, hope that the government soon realise that they should give this injection out for free. Then, and only then, would i gladly roll up my sleeve for the jab.