Yes, my 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with a malignant bone tumor 6 months after receiving the hepatitis B vaccine. This coincided with the start of her tumor according to her oncologists. The sv40 virus is being found in bone tumors like my daughter’s. These vaccines damage our immune systems because of the aluminum and mercury as well as other toxins present in them. My daughter never had any health problems until she got that vaccine. Sadly, she died five years and two weeks after her diagnosis. She goes in the government “WIN” column for cancer survival. I have done extensive research because of my daughter’s illness and if I had a child today, I would not vaccinate at all. Great health can only be achieved by keeping the immune system string with organic food, clean (fluoride free) water exercise and sunshine. It’s simple. The medical industry just wants to exploit us and our children for money. There are millions of viruses and bacteria out there. It is not possible to vaccinate against them. It makes much more sense to insulate yourself from ALL of them, than just a select few. These bacteria and viruses are mutating into stronger pathogens all the time. God gave us our immunity and it is our job to protect it, not exploit it for profit.