There is truth in the reactions and Autism link from the MMR for some children.

My son reacted to the first 3 in 1 at 12 weeks and within 1 year he was like an aids victim.

The specialist in Dublin- Dr Hilary Webb, told me under no circumstances to give our son MMR, as the base of it was egg.

That was 1985.

My friends- all teachers got their boys the MMR 1986 and all 3 of them became autistic within weeks.

We all sat there every day after school watching these healthy boys withdraw into themselves.
I then met a nurse, who told me how her daughter became a vegetable overnight at 15 months from MMR.

We all lived in the same town.

Dr Webb advised me not to jab any future children.

So, when my daughter was born, she got no jabs at all, is now 19 and NEVER BEEN TO A DOCTOR, thank God.

We all have our own experiences which shape our thinking.

Before 1985, I would never have questioned vaccines, believing doctors had to abide by their oath to do no harm.

But, I soon learned, that only sick people create money and jobs.

I also ask- why are there so many sick children these days compared to us children of the 1950’s.?

It is however up to each parent to decide freely.