I think any sensible person reading the last comment will realise it is a litany of insubstantiated innuendo.

1. There is autism in all communities although frequencies and prevalence vary depending on the diagnostic criteria used. Autism has nothing to do with vaccination. I fully sympathise with those parents of children with autism. Vaccines are however not to blame.

2. The AIDS virus did not emerge from smallpox in Africa. I assume that you are in fact raising the possibility that HIV (the virus which causes AIDS) was transferred to humans in the Polio vaccine as discussed in the book – The River by Edward Hooper. While an attractive theory the cells actually made to use the vaccine in question were from the macaque monkey. They cannot be infected with HIV. This theory thus remains UNPROVEN and UNSUBSTANTIATED. In fact HIV seems to have existed in humans for quite a while before it was identified as an infecting organism, certainly before major vaccine trials were being carried out.

3. The people who put smallpox in blankets were in fact the British Military in an early attempt at germ warfare. I quite agree this was attempted mass murder and should be roundly condemned. The erradication of smallpox BY VACCINATION means that this deadly disease has been erradicated and can no longer cause death and morbidity to rich and poor alike (including the celts)

4. Vaccines do not make females sterile. The cervical vaccine does not make females sterile. This comment is simply wrong.

The vast majority of sensible people know that vaccination makes sense. It prevents infectious disease and now may help to prevent deadly cancer.

We need vaccination. I entirely agree that individual parental choice is best but comments like those by Catherine are at best unhelpful and at worst vindictive, irrational scare mongering that belongs in a book on conspiracy theories.

Best wishes