Dear Expert Doctor.

First of all, there is no such thing as an expert doctor.

You are merely spewing out what you are indoctrinated with.

Please do not call me a liar, when you have no proof- that is contempt by the way.

I have the report from Dr Webb.

Express your opinion by all means, based on your experience and allow me the same freedom.

Also, please remember your oath to your profession.

The sheep are waking up.

There is no autism in communities which do not vaccinate.

And how do people trust medical profession who put AIDS vaccine inside smallpox in Africa?

How do you trust people who put smallpox in the blankets for the American Indians and the Aboriginees.

We learned from their murders.

Look at the name of this vaccine- I would say- it is meant to make some females sterile in certain chosen areas- Eugenics.

Yes, Celts are on the list for final solution.

So, please do not try to dumb us down anymore with your psychbabble.

This is all about money and population reduction of the poor. Eugenics.

Please sit there and watch my words come to pass.