In The Name Of The Fada

In the Name of the Fada

You’ll already know about the Irish version of Jump Around by Des Bishop if you’re a regular reader here, but if you have missed previous episodes, please watch the last episode of “In The Name Of The Fada”. It’s on RTE 1 tonight at 10:15pm. Sky+ is set to record it here.

We just watched the 5th episode in New York and Boston and totally enjoyed it. That Korean guy in Times Square had a brilliant grasp of Irish even though he’d never been to Ireland. I’m looking forward to the last episode, even if it does make me feel embarrassed that I’ve forgotten so much of the language…

“Ta sé fucking brilliant!”

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6 thoughts on “In The Name Of The Fada

  1. Ó in ainm dé, d’bhí me ró-gnóthach ag imirt an cluiche nua Trackmania Nations Forever, d’rinne mé dearmad air!

    Ah bhuel, beidh sé suas ar RTÉ.ie i gceann lá nó dhó. D’fhéadfach mé feachaint air ansin 🙂

  2. Ta se taifeada agam i Sky+ so feicimid an chlar anocht. Taim ag suil leis!

    Bhi me ag imirt Geometry Wars Galaxy and ag feachaint ar Battlestar Galactica areir 🙂

  3. okay… got it working, through convoluted means (realplayer 11 does not work well with fedora 8).

    I think they could have chosen a more wide-spread format, though…

    anyway – loving the show. iontach!

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