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How to win an Apple Mac Air

  1. Join Twitter.
  2. Follow @wubud.
  3. Tell your friends.

@wubud (pronounced woo-bud) is where Paul Walsh will reveal his next venture. You may remember Paul from a previous post here about his qik adventures when he missed his flight home because he was talking to people on the Internet. He landed a bed in a penthouse suite so don’t be too sorry for him!

Anyway, he explains on his blog why he’s going down the Twitter route and it’s an interesting experiment. It certainly caught the imagination of several people we both follow and I know others are blogging it too. Nice way to spread the word, eh? I think the incentive to win a Mac Air helps too, don’t you think?

So far only 203 people are following @wubud so it may take a while to get to the 5,000 followers Paul wants.

Paul’s in San Francisco next weekend, so you never know, he might reveal the master plan to you if you ask nicely if he hasn’t done it before then!

What about me? Do I want to win a Mac Air? ‘Course I do! My Macbook died this evening. A cup of tea spilled on it while I was feeding the baby. I quickly dried it off as best I could with paper towels but the screen was black and the thing is dead. Luckily backuppc had done a backup 6 days ago so I doubt I lost much stuff.

By Donncha

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14 replies on “How to win an Apple Mac Air”

Dead Macbooks can sometimes be resurrected.

Remove the battery and leave it sitting in your airing cupboard at an upside down “V” angle to encourage any liquid to drain away from the mainboard and out of the case. Change the angle once a day over several days. Then try it again, you might be surprised.

And never drink tea again.

just been reading about your macbook getting wet.
had to buy a mac air laptop for my son who is in college away from home.
finding it really hard to insure.
any advice

Laurie – check with your college accommodation. They may have insurance, but it could be worth getting your own insurance anyway because it’s easier to claim if the insurance is your own.

hi i am a student i need apple laptop in white .
plz can some sponsor
a apple laptop plz email me if u want to sponsor me apple white laptop
if u wnat sponsor me mail me.

man KOMI that’s annoying! Ihere are tens of thousands of other students, including me, which would love a macbook but begging randoms is no good. Shame on you!If you want one go out and earn the money to buy one.

People would be better off donating their money to a real charity.

2cents a day can feed a starving child in ethiopia.

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