WordPress MU 1.5 RC1

The first release candidate of the new WordPress MU 1.5 has just been released. The obvious major change is the new admin interface and password salting introduced in WordPress 2.5, but apart from them many bugs have been fixed.

There is also experimental support for CSS styles, something that has been missing from MU for quite some time due to XSS concerns. This function does the work of filtering out bad stuff and I would appreciate feedback, both positive and negative, especially with security concerns.

This release is quite stable, but there will probably be bugs still. Please only test it on a development server, and if you’re brave enough to put it live, make sure you have backed up everything first.

Check out the WordPress MU timeline for further information, and download the zip file here if you’d like to test it.

27 thoughts on “WordPress MU 1.5 RC1

  1. Thanks – looking forward to the new version (and I have quite a few users who’ll be happy to hear about the possibility of playing with the css themselves

    🙂 Jesper

  2. Are there any plans to make it easier for individual blogs within MU to use their own domains? The last time I checked the WP forums – admittedly quite a while ago – various hacks and workarounds were being discussed but there was no conclusive agreement on what would be the best approach.

    Obviously, MU’s core purpose is to allow organizations to offer their members/students/whatever their own blog under the same domain but, judging by the forums discussions, it is clear that a lot of people are also interested in the idea of centrally controlling one installation of MU rather than dozens of separate WordPress instances.

    Please forgive my ignorance if this need has already been catered to.

  3. Hy there,

    Now with this version we don’t have the mu-plugins folder, so what will be the solution to active plugins to all or more than one blog?

    Keep the good work

  4. Great work. Will get started straight away on testing. Need to look at the password changes in relation to the LDAP plugin we use here. Thanks D.

  5. great news.

    Now we only need a way to get the Google XML sitemaps plugin to work with MU with subdirectories.

    I’d also like to let you know that WP-cache doesn’t work for me in the mu-plugins directory so I have it in the regular plugins 🙂

  6. When do you think 1.5 will be stable?
    And I am not clear, but do I just have to click the upgrade tab under siteadmin to upgrade to 1.5 when it becomes stable? And if not, what is that for? Thanks for your help.

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