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So I was looking for a new battery for my Apple Macbook laptop and popped on over to the online Apple Store, picked up the battery, filled in my credit card details and then I was presented with this tempting textbox.

Apple Store Promotion Code

Hmm, could I save a few quid if I had a promotion code? I went searching for one as I’ve had luck elsewhere saving a bit of money online. Clicking on the first link appeared to be a forum thread. It quickly became obvious that lots of people were in the same boat, and judging by the 51 pages of posts by “macrumors newbie” status users they’re a lot more desperate than I am.

Oh well. The battery was €139, including €24 VAT which isn’t too bad. Should arrive in a few days time. I’m using Coconut Battery again to monitor battery usage, but this time I’ll try the battery calibration techniques on the new battery first.

PromoCode Needed!
I got some money for Xmas and i want to buy a macbook at the store.

Can somebody please send me a promocode ?? Fast?

Looks like someone was offering promotion codes to the first 2 to PM him.

Apple is folding it’s biz agent program at the end of 2007. As a going away present, I’m putting my last two codes out there for you, dear reader.

The fine print:

* They expire 12/28 (yeah, that’s tomorrow)
* They are NOT good in the ed store
* They are NOT good if your company already as a deal with Apple
* They ARE good for refurbs

Please don’t ask for it if you can’t use it. If you CAN make use of it, PM me and I’ll send it your way!



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  1. 139 for a fecking battery? and I thought i was being ripped off with the £40 battery for my iBook. yea thats pounds, but its still half price. and it looks like its the genuine article. if it was that expensive i woulda gone with a knock off from HK how ever bad they are. the batteries aren’t worth anything but they can get away with ripping people off. batteries for the Iridium 9505A phone cost £100 each but nobody else makes em. its not really any different from any other lithium ion battery for a phone

  2. i got a few promotional codes from apple in their newsletter emails. they were usually for 36euros (including vat) and could be used on items over a certain amount (in the email i have handy its for 366e (vat incl.))

    the code was given in their newsletter and could be copy/pasted into that promo code box at ordering stage and discount is factored in immediately. the email i have here is all in finnish but the faq it links to is here (in english):

  3. Dan – well, as it’s a business expense it helps that I’m registered for VAT (knock off the €24), and it’s tax deductible which takes the sting out of the purchase.
    Batteries for my Canon 20D cost more than €60 but I bought 2 no-brand batteries for about £9 when I bought the camera. The Canon battery lasts a lot longer but the other two are handy as backups.

    Umbrae – I’ll check that out next time. Pity it didn’t show up when I searched!

    Darren – that’s the pattern I noticed on that forum. You had to spend quite a large amount (more than the cost of a battery anyway) to get any discount.

  4. I’ve been in this same (or similar) boat while shopping for stuff online … did searches for promocodes, coupons .. anything that could same me my precious money. Sadly, I never found anything worth my time and I spent more than I wanted on some hardware.

    Ah, such is the way of merchandising, eh?

  5. I am a firm believer in doing a search for product name or store name plus coupon code before I buy anything online. Just the other day I saved my wife nearly a $140 on a purchase of party supplies. She had the stores newsletter coupon for $15 off. Needless to say she was pretty darn happy with me.

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