Im Selman Krasniqi bron in,Pristina,Kosovo.I like to sent to you best wishes from me for your biethday.My san is to celebrate your birthday together with you,but its impossible.But i know that the love exist all arround the world.And i know that this san will come true when you are ready,and i hapr that you also know that im waiting for you.Thank you for all this.You are the best gril i know.Write to me soon.J lonking from you this coment to send direct to PARIS HILTON,bea cuse from me to send that its impossible and belire you can doing that to send direct to she,and j whayting from you to back peaper im time 24hour.j locking from you to gire me contact with she.J thank you for all,,,,,,,,,,,,,thank you hollywood,,,,,,