The Paris Hilton video

Paris Hilton makes headlines all over the world just for being her but her sex video, “One Night in Paris” made her even more infamous! Now just hanging out with Britney Spear isn’t enough. The video released by ex-boyfriend, Rick Salomon caused quite a stir.

Now here exclusively is Paris Hilton’s new video! Check out the video here for download. Be careful, it’s shiny!

(Yes, this is like Pamela Anderson’s latest video, and yes, this is the last time I’ll recycle this joke!)

What is it about Paris Hilton that made you search for her video today?

Here are a few videos that finally made it on to Youtube. Not sure how long they’ll stay there, so watch them while you can!

Here are a couple videos that finally uploaded featuring such great hits as, “We’re like two niggers,” and “I get fucked in the butt for coke!” Update II: Aaand even more crap thanks to Sarah and Brian via email. Here’s Paris smoking pot, asking someone for “E” (ecstasy) and referring to an Asian guy at the party as “The Chink.” Bon appetit.

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It’s funny you should say that, I was about to blog about the Irish linkbaiter of the year.. (and deservedly so too I might add, you’ll have to wait for the post, maybe later!)

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Paris had a chance to gain some respect for taking responsibility for her actions. But with her endless antics and constant whimpering on how it’s just not fair how she’s been treated I’d have to say she’s really screwed the pooch on this one.


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hey Paris i’m from Macedonia and i’m your biggest fan.:).Can i have a your picture signed by you,because it’s inposible to come in Hollywood:).So please,please can u send me your picture signed by you.Thanks.If something is needed my mail is and Thank you.

Hey guys, check out this article that’s on my blog that will explain to you why Paris Hilton is famous, and why she will always remain famous. And its nothing to do with being an heiress to the Hilton chain either! It will really open your mind!

I think it’s only a matter of time before Britney runs over a photographer and kills ’em. What happened to that sweet old Britney we used to know and love?

I have a copy of that paris hilton video passed on to me through a cellphone, and i just don’t know whether my copy is complete. I like the video if only for its sake. The one good thing is that everybody does what paris does. The one bad thing is that, not all of what everyone does are circulated. It would be dishonest to say it was not enjoyable to watch. You have a known actress doing it with her boyfriend and what can you say? At least she was not being raped, not tied to a post and forced, or bloody. I can say it’s still goes within the norm of what we actually do in bed behind closed doors.

I can say it’s still goes within the norm of what we actually do in bed behind closed doors.


first there is the story of Paris dropping the N-bomb

now this.

I liked Paris better as a crappy porn star, instead of a member of the klan

I’m a guy and even I’m disgusted of her!

It takes a lot for being that trashy that even a guys that adores women hates her…

Only Paris Hilton has the qualities for that…

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