The Oily Americans

A story worth reading for the conspiricy theorists among you!

For more than a half-century, American foreign policy dealing with oil has typically been manipulative and misguided, often both at the same time. The pattern of intrigue has ranged from U.S. officials’ secretly writing tax laws in the 1950s (so the Saudi royal family could collect more money from the sale of its oil and American companies could write off the added payments on their tax returns) to overthrowing a government that showed too much independence in handling its oil sales.

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This is time magazine, they don’t post conspiracy theory’s. I wrote about Anglo-Iranian oil a while back, and the rest is a matter of record. You’ll find most of it in any pertinent history book

Saudi Arabia is running dry and the US is still beholden to their main export. Where is the conspiracy theory?

I must be doing something right, comments on 2 posts 🙂
Sorry for the slight inflammatory language of the post, couldn’t resist it!
Hmm, looks like the related stories are actuall related too!

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