b2++ updates

Several updates should be mentioned:

  1. When I introduce new templates (say for the blogroll, or the new archives format) I’ll make sure that template exists in the user’s template directory. If it doesn’t I copy it in from the default template
  2. Redirection is now more like a normal site. Instead of redirecting to blog/index.php you can load “blog/” or if you access “blog” then it’ll redirect you to “blog/” like a normal webserver would. Try /xeer to see for yourself.
  3. Mike Little has a new version of b2links coming out so I’ll try an integrate that when I can.
  4. Tim and I are wracking our brains trying to come up with a new name for b2++, one that isn’t quite so awkward. He thought of “Diolog” (Dio is Greek for 2, as in b2..), I thought of “BioDio” (Biography 2..), or Biolog. Suggestions welcome please! Leave a comment here if you have any ideas!

I want to put this code on sourceforge and make the development of it more accessible. I’d like to have a new name before I put it online though.
I need help with this project, there’s plenty to do. Writing docs, designing new templates/importing existing ones, writing plugins, rewriting b2 basically. Please leave a comment if you can help..

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