Will Digital Images Last?

Only this morning I searched through my 35mm photos for photos from my holiday in Barcelona and I had to smile or grimace as I flicked through several years of photos – Paris, Spain, Chicago, Ireland.. All memories, good and bad. That’s fine for a once in a while trip down nostalgia lane but searching my digital images is easier.
Lance Ulanoff asks, Will Digital Images Last? in this PC Mag article. My 35mm snaps all fit in a small box but my digital archive already requires 3 DVDs to backup. What do we lose by not having the tactile feel of photos?
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  1. Well, the 35mm photos I took when we were in Paris were all destroyed when we had a water mains burst at work in Ballincollig, and the only thing that remained were the few photos I had scanned in. So there are pro’s to digital photo storage, even though the feeling of holding something tangible in your hands can’t be beaten either.

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