Photoblogger/Flickr Meetup at Clarion Hotel Tomorrow!

If you have a camera, run a photoblog or you’re in town, there will be a meet up tomorrow in Cork!
Everyone will gather in front of the Clarion Hotel at 2pm tomorrow where we’ll plan our photographic assault on the city!
It’s also the Jazz Weekend here in Cork so there’ll be plenty of interesting subjects to shoot!

For more info, and a map, look at this page, or Ryan’s Blog!
See you there!



6 Replies to “Photoblogger/Flickr Meetup at Clarion Hotel Tomorrow!”

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  2. Damm’it, why should all fun things happen in Cork? 🙂

    We had a blog-meet in Galway as well, but now it must be time for the next one. Anyway – I’ve got loads of photos offline, but still need an impulse to put some of it online. You are very good at that.

    (BTW How is your EOS 20D performing? What are good/bad sides of it?)

  3. The 20D is great! It’s so far ahead of other cameras I’ve used!
    My one major niggle with it, and this would apply to any DSLR is weight. You won’t consider this when all you’re carrying aruond is a small digital compact, but the camera body, with any sort of zoom lens is going to be about 1kg. My Sigma 18-200 is 480g, and I used to carry around a 408g 75-300mm plus a lighter 18-55mm before I started having back pains.
    Health reasons is a good enough reason for me to put up with some compromises in lens quality. That and price and convenience too!

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